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What is Non-Objective Disease?

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Non-Objective Disease (NOM) refers to a subjective pathology that disrupts a person’s ability to perform everyday acts. Although the doctor can not objectively measure any physical manifestation, he does allow absence from work. It may also be an affection of subjective origin that manifests itself physically.

Buyout on a mortgage insurance contract


A credit insurance contract usually includes a number of health exclusions. And when you join this insurance to guarantee a mortgage, if you suffer from a Non-Objective Disease (MNO), you can buy the exclusions related to your pathology and be covered for this risk.

To redeem an exclusion Non-Objective Disease

To redeem an exclusion Non-Objectivable Disease

Before taking out a loan insurance policy, it is important to be aware of the guarantee conditions in the event of a Non-Objective Disease. Some contracts offer to cover MNO under certain conditions: length of hospitalization (from 3 to 30 days depending on the contract and pathology), surgical procedure, finding a back problem (scanner, radiology …). …? In the case where the credit insurance contract does not provide for the management of the MNO, you can ask to redeem the exclusion of pathologies of the spine, para-vertebral diseases and mental illnesses. A redemption MNO requires the payment of a surcharge (additional premium) to receive coverage for a risk originally excluded. Certain optional guarantees may also be taken out to cover cases of non-objectifiable diseases.

Non-Objectivable Diseases (MNO):

  • Chronic fatigue,
  • affections of the back,
  • psychic affections and depression,
  • psychosomatic affections,
  • Professional exhaustion.

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