Three problems and three solutions requesting a loan

According to consumption data recently published by the Cetelem Observatory, Spaniards have increased our spending on dental and optic health, travel and home renovations during 2017. A figure that increases by 46% in the latter case. Of course, the amount we invest in these three areas increases, we do not always have the money we need in our current account to carry out this disbursement. In this article, we show three real situations that can be solved if we need urgent money and access a loan with green touch click on. In this way, we can solve any setback that destabilizes our financial budget depending on the amount we need and the advantages that we can benefit from.

Covers a dental check-up or a vision prescription

Mini-credits allow us to obtain small amounts of quick money through the Internet to deal with unforeseen events that disrupt our monthly financial planning. Therefore, they can be the credit at the ideal time if we encounter some setback such as a visit to our dentist or a consultation to the ophthalmologist and we need financing instantly. In addition, these are two areas in which consumption increased by 25% and 48%, respectively, during 2017 according to data published by the Cetelem Observatory.

Book a hotel requesting urgent money if your flight is canceled

When we travel, one of the problems that can arise is that our flight is delayed or canceled. If we do not have insurance with these coverages, we will have to book a hotel to spend the night until boarding, which will mean an additional cost. This amount can unbundle the budget of our trip, so we can pull a credit card to pay for it and have it charged to us the following month. It is another way to get financing instantly and free when we need quick money.

However, there are credit cards that among their advantages include insurance of purchases and free travel of which we can benefit if we have a problem with a ticket or we do not receive the order. Of course, we must have made the reservation or purchase with our card to cover the problem.

To resort to this form of payment we must ensure that we are using the deferred total payment and not in installments to benefit from free financing. Otherwise, we will have to pay the interest corresponding to the financing.

Reform your home asking for a quick loan

According to the same data from the Cetelem Observatory, spending on home renovations was the one that increased the most during 2017. 46% more than in 2016. If we need urgent money to give a facelift to our home, a good option can be Get financing instantly by requesting a personal loan. With this capital, we can paint our home, make structural changes, etc. More and more companies offer quick money in just a few hours for this purpose. In addition, we can apply for the loan through the Internet avoiding trips.

It is a loan to repay in the long term since the amount we need is much higher than in the previous sections. For this reason, we must value the capital that we will need, the interest that costs us to access urgent money and the term we need to return it comfortably according to our financial capacity. In this way, we will avoid entering into the delay and pay penalties for it.

These three examples can be solved by resorting to three different credit products that offer urgent money to consumers. It will depend on our need, the interest and the repayment term that we opt for one or another method to solve our problem.

Mary Hernandez